Public Security LLC - WE BUY GUNS - Chester, MD
Do you have unwanted firearms left over from a spouse or relative who passed away? Are you looking to sell some of your rifles, shotguns or pistols? Are you no longer interested in sport shooting and you would like to get rid of your guns? Are you looking to sell your firearms due to a recent protective order or criminal conviction that prohibits you from owning firearms?  

   Call Me 202-631-1153

Consider donating your guns to me. I am willing to pay cash for certain firearms.

  I am interested in WWI and WWII Rifles

  I am also seeking modern and antique    
    firearms bayonets, knives helmets and   

I am in located in Chester, Maryland, Queen Anne's County. I can only buy firearms that are located within the state of Maryland. I can come to you.

All donated or purchased firearms will be legally transferred through the Maryland State Police via form MSP 77R or through a duly licensed Federal Firearms Dealer. 

All Firearms will be to Barry Donadio as a private citizen and a federally licensed Curios and Relics Collector (C&R FFL) 

Firearms will be used for training purposes and or added to Barry Donadio's private firearms collection. 

      I do NOT sell firearms

Send photos of firearms that you are considering relinquishing HERE

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