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                       Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352

Security Rockville Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

We are seeking former or current Police Officers, Federal Agents, 
U.S. Military Veterans and Intelligence Officers for on call assignments as:

#1 Security Company in Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityguardss.comPROTECTIVE AGENT 

Duties: Executive protection, intelligence, surveillance  investigations, counter sniper, SWAT, QRF, potential travel, and general security operations. 


*Have a HR-218 Pistol Permit    
*Retired Police 
*Current Police 
*Special Operations U.S. Military Veteran
*U.S. Navy Seal Veteran
*U.S. Army Delta Force Veteran
*U.S. Air Force Parajumper Veteran
*U.S. Military Veteran of Military Police, Security Police, Port Security.
*Former SWAT, ERT, CAT, Counter Snipers and Tactical Team Members


ALL Public Security LLC Staff filling a position of Protective Agent are required to have a Private Detective / Investigators Certification in the state that they will operate in. Protective Agents obtain their license to carry a pistol concealed and will also maintain a Security Officer license in the state they will operate.

#1 Security Company in New York Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Duties: Investigations, process serving, executive protection, surveillance operations, security operations. 


*Active Police or Criminal Investigator 
*Have an HR 218 Federal Pistol Permit, Retired Police ID
*Former Criminal Investigator 
*U.S. Military Veteran with Investigation background 

ALL Public Security LLC Staff filling a position of Protective Agent are required to have a Private Detective / Investigators Certification in the state that they will operate in. Protective Agents obtain their license to carry a pistol concealed. Public Security LLC may sponsor you to obtain your certificate if you do not already have it. 


Best Security Company in Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Duties: Physical security, outer perimeter executive protection, marked vehicle patrols, bike patrols, foot patrols, entry control, counter insurgency, anti-terrorism, confront and stop active shooter threats. 


*Former or current Police Officer.
*Active U.S. Military
*U.S. Military Veteran
*Former of current Park Ranger, Bailiff, Public Safety, Corrections
*Former or Current Special Patrolman or Special Police
*Former or Current Code Enforcement, Harbor Master, University Police
*Licensed Security Professional

You may be sponsored for Security Officer Certification by Public Security LLC if you do not already have one. All Security Agents are required in the very least to have submitted their license to be a Security Officer in the state that they will operate in.  


Best Security Company in New York Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityguardss.comEXECUTIVE STAFF

Duties: Use their professional expertise during designated security operations for clients of Public Security LLC.

*Licensed Medical Doctors
*Licensed Attorneys
*Political Officers
*Former Federal Agents
*Former Intelligence Officers
*Media Experts
*Nano Technology Professionals
*Quantum Technology Professionals
*Professionals currently holding Press credentials 
*Diplomatic Professionals


ALL Executive Staff are required to obtain their Private Detective Certification in the state that they will operate in.  Executive Staff are required to be able to be contacted by Public Security LLC 24hrs a day if needed and participate in designated protective operations.  

Public Security LLC Honor Guard  Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityguardss.comHONOR GUARD

Duties: Perform Honor Guard duties at Funerals and other events.

*Military Veterans that served on an Honor Guard
*Police Officers that served in the Honor Guard
*Fire Department and EMS personnel that served as Honor Guard

*If not qualified under the preferred choice you must be a U.S. Military

EVENT STAFF  Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityguardss.comEVENT STAFF

Duties: Crowd monitor, parking assistance, event supervision, customer care and service for clients of Public Security LLC.

*U.S. Military Veteran
*Member of Fraternal Organization
*Family member of a Public Security LLC Employee
*Associate of Public Security LLC

*History of good character and work ethic
*Be able to stand long hours

PRIVATE DETECTIVE (Under 18 years old)
(Under 18 years of age)
(Junior Private Detective)

Public Security LLC appoints Private Detectives whom are under the age of 18. This program is for youths whom are interested in a career in law enforcement, the military, fire and ambulance services, private security industry and investigative services. 

Duties: Always say no to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, bullying and any illegal actions. Call 911 during any situation you deem necessary or when someone needs help. Be an advocate for the sick, weak and elderly. Serve your country in a way that best suits your abilities. Maintain contact with Public Security LLC at least once a year to report your progress.


We also are accepting applications for VOLUNTEERS to assist us with administrative duties, searches for evidence and emergency missing persons response. Volunteers are subject to the same requirements as employees. The requirement are listed below.

In order to qualify to become an employee or Volunteer at Public Security LLC,  you must be:
-Willing to undergo an intensive background investigation.
-Willing to have your former employers and schools contacted
-Willing to submit to random drug testing.
-Willing to sign non-discloser agreements.
-Willing to be truthful.
-Willing to obtain the Security Guard Certifications.
-Over the age of 18.
-Over the age of 21 for any armed positions.
-Clear of any criminal record. You may still apply with a minor  
  conviction and your application will be reviewed.
-Clear of any current charges in criminal court.
-Be able to meet minimum Military type physical standards.
You must also:

-Be able to follow orders and directions
-Have reliable transportation.
-Have a working cell phone with unlimited minutes.
-Have the ability to always be on time.
-Have the ability to make competent decisions.
-You will later need to have a valid passport / you may apply for it 
  once employed.

-Email capabilities to respond to company emails within 24 hours.

-You must return text messages and phone calls from Public Security 
  LLC within a 24 hour time frame

The goal of Public Security LLC, is to set a new standard in employees satisfaction. We value productive employees and want them to understand how important they are to us.
As employees grow in their careers, we will support them in their future endeavors. As an employee of PUBLIC SECURITY LLC, you have an open door to return with us anytime as long as you leave in good standing.  We are a family and the connections and friendships we build with our employees, last a lifetime.
We are currently working to offer our employees exceptional opportunities. Such as, Credit Union Memberships, 401K, gym memberships, prescription discount cards, and other perks.  
Employee suggestions are highly valued and the experience along with their input makes PUBLIC SECURITY LLC a successful business.

May 20th 2017 UPDATE
Employees of Public Security LLC are now offered supplemental health insurance through AFLAC

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

Security Port of Baltimore Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

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